Eyewitness Emails

Michael Seen In LV Elevator
I had never heard of your website, but I started searching Michael Jackson Alive on Google after what happened to me this morning! Okay, I’m in Las Vegas right now and so was I this morning.I have stayed at Wynn Las Vegas for the last few nights.This morning, I woke up very early (5:30 a.m.).A little tired I decided to go downstairs and see if I could get breakfast somewhere.I walked out of my room around 6 a.m. and as I walked into the hallway, I noticed another door opening not far away from me. A few men walked out of the room, 2 big African American guys in casual clothing, a smaller African American guy with a small hatand the last one to come out of the room was a white man with a white skin.

He was wearing black clothes and leather jacket (this was the first thing that I found odd about it, as it’s Vegas and very hot). The next thing I noticed where his hands, they were pretty big and knuckled (if that’s a word? English is not my first language).I said ‘hey’, out of politeness but seemed to scare them as they heard it right behind them all of a sudden.The smaller man with the hat said: ‘elevator, come on come on!’And I didn’t really understand what happened, I figured it was some kinda mob business so I stepped back to my room, walking slowly backwards.Then, the white man dropped the key card to their room and kept walking. One of the bigger guys saw this and ran straightly towards it and picked it up.Meanwhile, Michael and the other two black men were already near the elevators..


All of a sudden Michael turned around and I could see his face. He had shorter hair than you see on the pictures and he looked at me kinda frightened,but then he started yelling to the big black guy that was picking up the key card: ‘my book, I dropped my book!’The (I asume) bodyguard picked up a small black book (some kinda note book) and went to the elevator..A few seconds later they were gone. I was very very confused by the entire thing, it all happened really really fast and I was still pretty tired so I was like: what the hell is going on here?I also expected some other guests on the floor to have woken up from the noise, because the running and yelling was pretty loud..

I’m Definitely 100% Sure That I Saw Michael

I’m definitely 100 % sure that I saw Michael! I told a few people in the lobby but they wouldn’t believe me and laughed, except for one woman who said she believed that he was maybe alive,and that I was lucky to have seen him..I know this sounds very very strange, and I’m very confused, but i am sure that i saw Michael..I’m probably gonna spend the rest of my day reading other stories on this website that seem to be the same as mine..If I remember anything else, I will send another email!
Melissa’s email was received 6/17/14

Then I Realized It Was Michael

I’ll never forget it was may 14 in Arizona. I was visiting my dad. I can’t remember exactly where cause I’m not from there but I took a drive to this small city my dad though I’d like to see. It was like a small town. The farmers were nice, everyone knew everyone. I walked up to this cart where a man was selling fruit. I looked over and it was a group of guy in black. Most were buff except one. I thought it was strange because it was hot outside. The smaller guy ( Michael) turned around and walked right past me! I caught a glimpse of his face and when I realized it was Michael I sat down because I was about to faint. Has anyone else seem him recently?

Anne S (email received 6/7/14)

I was driving through Lafayette, Indiana when I stopped at a park with trails leading into the woods. I was doing my usual thing, jogging with my earphones in when I noticed two shadowy figures coming towards me about 100 feet away. Nervous, I take out my earphones and wait with my hand on my knife that I always carry in my side holster. As they approach I see one of them has long hair and is wearing sunglasses. The voice was the same as the Michael Jackson I know and love. I was in shock after I exchanged words with him, and he and his bodyguard continued down the trail. I never thought I would see him again. He truly is still out there and alive. I know it was him.

Brian S. (email received May 2, 2014)


Is Michael In Croatia ?
I don’t know how to begin, cus it’s a long story, I’ll just begin wherever, I do wanna share this with you!
I’m afraid that this is what I wanted to see and not be what it really was. I doubt about giving false hope to you. But I decided to tell my story. In croatia, august 2012, I went on vacation in the neigborhood around Istria (in a – province on the westcoast of croation and that area. I visited several towns. And in one town, I passed by someone very noticeable.
I have bad eyes, bad sight I mean and I didn’t wear my glasses. (as always, this moment I was really sorry for that) Just let me go on. I’m really excited about this. But I am not sure, let’s repeat that, I don’t want to spread lies! I’ve seen so many people passing by, it was a really hot day, and I moaned lots cus of the heat. I don’t like the heat that much, so that’s why. I’ve seen so many people but didn’t actually look at them. I just looked around and hoped I could stop to cool down somewhere of the heat. Then, on my right side a man passed by. He walked the opposite way. I know I had to tell this way earlier, but my English is bad and I was afraid that you shouldn’t understand me. I hope you do now! He passed by very near, like less than a half meter away from me.


He looked like a homeless man. He had a little bit dark skin, and curled hair. He walked in a way Michael did. I don’t know. I just got a weird feeling by that. He stood in a straight line now and I looked at his face. Eyes as Michael’s. Eyebrows as Michael. I got tears in my eyes and wanted to say Michael, but that would be weird if it should not’ve been him! I was in Croatia, and not many people understand English. even more German, but Michael doesn’t except saying ich liebe dich mihr (I love you more) in german at a concert. I really gotta cry! I just stood still and my parents were far away already.
I looked back and saw him walking harder and harder. I actually lost my parents out of sight and looked back to the man that seemed to be Michael. I wanted to run after him but getting lost by myself as 14 yo that time in a unknown country would be scary. I ran to my dad and asked him to stop or he walked in a little shop, I don’t remember, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to tell this cus it sounds fake, but the feeling I got was real. Like someone hold me and said: Your search is finally completed! But instead of that to be sure, cus… ya it’s almost impossible cus 7 billion people living on earth, a huge fan meets Michael Jackson… watcha thinking I thought. When I look back I get chills down my spine again and regret going back to my dad! When he looked in the shop or stopped for another reason (I’m sorry, it’s almost 2 years ago from right now – writers date, I ran back when I could, sooo hard!
I couldn’t see him and I actually wanted to scream!!! I didn’t know if Michael wanted to get recognized either of course… maybe this must have been the best for him and did ai make the right decision.
Don’t be selfish and wish the best to Michael himself! 🙂 he totally deserves it! It’s like I dreamt it! But I didn’t cus it’s a place I’ve been once, and the moment it happened, I made a little note about it on my nintendo 3ds. It’s real!

Just to repeat, this is what I’ve seen and believed. When you want to see something, you’ll earlier see it… I hope it was Michael! If so… omg thanks to god! so much! I can’t believe it that I may ve been the one who noticed michael! I love him so much and don’t want to spread lies!

Calvin W. (email received June 14, 2014)