Australian Sightings

Australian Sightings !!

“I was in sydney airport on saturday morning when a man looking identical to jackson came through the arrival lounge with only a small piece of hand luggage.
It was the exact same build and height and hair and colour as jackson. What really made me feel so sure it was him was the fact that he was walking at a very fast pace keeping his head down wearing a pair of sunglasses.
I am ever so sure it was him .” CB Wednesday, July 1, 2009 8:40 PM

“i am so scared that i am going crazy, everyone thinks i am lying but i saw michael, he was here in regional southern australia two days ago, i didn’t know who to tell but my uncle told me about this site, i swear to god that i saw him, i was walking out from a gully where i had been fishing, and he was there hopping out of a car beside the road, he had two coulered body guards and a 9 year old boy with him, i nearly fainted in surprise, but what happned next was what surprised me the most he actually asked me to come and talk to him, it was so surreal, he told me that it was a mistake staging his death and he was trying to find a small town in australia to build a hideout, he was looking at sale, morwell and trafalgar in regional victoria as possible places to build his permanent hideout, he also mentioned making a bunker system in the nearby strzlecki ranges, to contain his hideout, he said the reason he staged his death was because he wass sick of being judged by all the people who hate him and he wanted to get out of society, he also tolld me that he wanted to apologise to his true fans for this stunt, after this i started to get cheast pains because my heart was beating so fast, i ran home and didn’t know what to do, so i wrote to you i hope you his “true” fans dont think i am crazy as well, i just want everybody to know, the king of pop is still alive.” greg Sunday, August 30, 2009 5:10 AM

“There have been several sightings of Michael Jackson in the South Island of New Zealand. This is a remote area of the country and there was a plane mysteriously landing at a local airport named Queenstown, before a helicopter then left after some people had moved from the plane. There were up to five officers in black uniform with several people walking in between them. They were about 100m away and one of the helicopter pilots wifes was talking to a friend who told me she said ‘they had a vital job that day but could not tell who is was or what for’. The crucial piece of evidence is a photo.

Do you think this will jepordize his privacy?” J.B.

“I am so sure, so certain, that I have seen Michael Jackson today. I was in Sydney (tourist mecca of Australia) and just walking down the streets. A man was coming towards me; he had a baseball cap on, and a black scarf around the lower part of his face, and a big coat on. I thought it might just be someone paying their respects to Jackson. The man turned down an alleyway and I passed it a few seconds later and literally froze in shock when I looked down the alley. The man had taken off his baseball cap and scarf and it WAS, with no qualm or doubt, Michael Jackson, I knew it straight away. I stood looking in surprise for a few seconds, before reaching into my bag and getting my camera out. Just as I was about to snap a shot, a big burly african-american man bumped into me and I was pushed out of the way of the shot. It could have been an accident, but where I was standing in the mouth of the alleyway was quite far from the footpath behind me, so I think the african-american man was one of Jacksons bodyguards and in fact, he went into the alleyway without offering an apology. I looked around the alley and saw Jackson and the african-american man (the guard, definately) walk to end of the alleyway which opened into another street and get into a non-descript black car and drive off.
It was the most surreal moment of my life and I can now say for sure the King of Pop Lives.”
-J.M July 16, 2009

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Hi there,
Pm Hajni from Hungary. I just would love to know that this website working yet or you left out?
Today I found this and Im very happy from your site. Please can you tell me when the next articles will coming?
I cant wait. I love MJ and I love all ppls who can believe that He is alive.
Have a nice day,
Im waiting for your answer hopefully

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