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Michael Shows Up For Trump ??

Breaking News…. People who tuned in to the Hanity show on Fox News got a big surprise.  Trump was speaking , but there was a very special someone in the audience.  People everywhere think it was Michael Jackson !! But why ?  Well remember when Kanye was in trouble he ran to Trump……could Michael be […]

Australian Sightings

Australian Sightings !!

“I was in sydney airport on saturday morning when a man looking identical to jackson came through the arrival lounge with only a small piece of hand luggage. It was the exact same build and height and hair and colour as jackson. What really made me feel so sure it was him was the fact […]

Suspicious Evidence

Video Of Michael’s Last Day Dissappears

The video of Michael Jackson’s last day have been lost. The images that could reveal what happened on June 25, mysteriously disappeared from the mansion of the star. According to the National Enquirer, “authorities in the case said that the Jackson family mansion was equipped with a strong security system. “There were cameras on the […]

Phone Conversations

Michael’s Last Phone Call

This is supposedly a recording of Michael Jackson’s last phone call 6/24/2009.  He sounds worried and scared that someone is out to get him.  We have heard of Michael’s fears many times before.  Doesn’t it make sense that someone in this situation might  try to fake their death and get away. We encourage you to […]


Did Michael Attend A Family Wedding ?

The internet is on fire with the renewed hope that Michael Jackson may be alive. A video emerged of a Jackson family wedding and one very interesting attendee. Knowing Michael’s past history and fascination with disguises raises the question , “Just who is that bearded man in the video.” Jackson fans have held the candle […]