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Michael Shows Up For Trump ??

Breaking News…. People who tuned in to the Hanity show on Fox News got a big surprise.  Trump was speaking , but there was a very special someone in the audience.  People everywhere think it was Michael Jackson !! But why ?  Well remember when Kanye was in trouble he ran to Trump……could Michael be […]

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Psychics Worldwide Predict Michael’s Return

Suddenly psychics world wide seem to be in communication with Michael Jackson.  Mexico’s leading psychic, Mhori Vidente , says that Michael never died and will be returning to the limelight by the end of the year.  She is joined by psychic Lena Viera , from Brazil who claims that she is receiving communication that the […]

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Could Michael Be Living In Canada ?

Report Claims Michael Is In Canada According to Empire News there are credible reports coming from Ontario, Canada that Michael Jackson is alive and well and living under an assumed name. Empire reports that, ” One week after reports of Jackson’s death, a mysterious newcomer moved into a small bungalow near Ontario’s Lake Doré. According […]