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Could Michael Be Living In Canada ?

Report Claims Michael Is In Canada

According to Empire News there are credible reports coming from Ontario, Canada that Michael Jackson is alive and well and living under an assumed name. Empire reports that, ” One week after reports of Jackson’s death, a mysterious newcomer moved into a small bungalow near Ontario’s Lake Doré. According to a neighbor, a fleet of moving vans and a limousine pulled up in front of the property where a ‘pale middle-aged male’ was escorted into to the house, surrounded by what appeared to be 3 bodyguards.”


City records show the owner of the house is Alain P. Mysteriously no one has ever seen Alain and when people ask the servants reply that , “he is a very private man. ” Meanwhile there are permits for exotic animals, shipments of costumes and cosmetics and whenever visitors do come they are escorted from the airport in a shroud of secrecy.

A contractor who was hired to do some work on the house claims that they are building a recording studio and hearing Alains voice it could very well be Michael. The contractor who never saw Alain said he had the feeling that it was a famous person hiding out. The truth remains to be seen , we only hope and pray it could be true. To read the whole article go to Empire News.

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I know Michel is alive he got tired songs and music great fan great but every one needs space to walk with out being buged even if your famous to sit to eat in peace to not have news on him 24 7 the new s sometimes is not true that is a fact it is hard work to travel and sing and dance in all the country mike went but every one needs space and peace with a place to be left alone he gave to slot now it’s his time give a little space for him to enjoy his life he sure gave to all of you now it’s his time God bless you mike

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