Did Michael Attend A Family Wedding ?

The internet is on fire with the renewed hope that Michael Jackson may be alive. A video emerged of a Jackson family wedding and one very interesting attendee. Knowing Michael’s past history and fascination with disguises raises the question , “Just who is that bearded man in the video.” Jackson fans have held the candle for his comeback now for over 7 years. No entertainer has ever had this much impact on their fans or society. Millions of fans world wide are still hoping to see him again.

Siggy Jackson, the son of Jackie Jackson – Michael’s brother and Jackson Five member – got married to Toyia Parker at a small family ceremony held at someone’s house in Encino,California. Michael’s kids Prince and Paris were there and many are saying that Michael himself may have been in attendance in an elaborate disguise.

Most of Michael’s most devoted fans remember a film he did in which he played “The Mayor.”He was made up to look 20 yrs older and a lot heavier. Fans who saw the movie could not even recognize Michael in his elaborate disguise. Michael may have chosen to duplicate this disguise as a message to fans that he is still alive.
Could It Be Michael In The Backseat ?

We see someone who looks a lot like Michael. Soon we will be revealing many more sightings in this new hot bed of celebrity sightings, the California High Desert. It is an isolated and mostly desolate area that many celebrities go to hide out. Recently Iggy Pop and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age recorded an album in the 29 Palms Area. Could the mysterious man in the backseat be none other than the amazing Michael Jackson ?

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