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Michael Jackson seen at Harrods 2011

“Hi. I was at Harrods, the store owned by Michael’s friend Mohammad al-Fayed, yesterday, Tuesday 18th January. I was browsing the home furniture department with a friend who’s also a fan. We were looking at some sofas and chairs. It was during the day and there weren’t many people around. There was about 4 other shoppers in the particular section we were in. While we were walking around, I noticed a member of staff talking to the other shoppers and each one walked off after he’d finished talking to them. He then came up to me and my friend and asked us to leave the department for a short while. I asked why and if we’d done anything wrong. All he said was there was a maintenance issue which had to be fixed and for health and safety reasons all customers would have to be out of the department. It seemed a bit odd but we had no choice but to obey his order and leave. As we went down the escalator, I told my friend that just for fun we should sneak back and have a look what they’re up to.

We took the escalator back up and quickly ran behind one of the sofas and waited to see if anyone would show up. We waited about 5 minutes and nothing happened. We got bored and were about to leave when a group of about 6 men in suits came through the doors. We hid and tried to sneak the occasional look. I heard one of the men say “Not yet, not yet” and after a minute another one said “Get him secure” and “Has the area been cleared?”. We didn’t have a clue what was going on but we kept listening. And then we heard a guy say “Mr al-Fayed said bring him straight to his office. Secure him now”. Another 5 minutes went past and we heard the doors open. I caught a quick glimpse of someone in a dark suit and sunglasses come through the doors surrounded by burly men. His hair was short but the features were unmistakeable. One of the men said “Straight through! Straight through!” and the man they were protecting giggled. I swear I recognised that giggle straightaway. I tried to get another look but he was rushed through a side door. I am certain that the man we saw was Michael Jackson. He’s very close friends with Mohammad al-Fayed and he would definitely trust him enough to involve him in the hoax.
email received Wednesday, January 19, 2011 10:56 PM DS, London

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